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Frequently Asked Questions about Mark 2 (M2)

What is M2?

  • M2 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation licensed by the state of Oregon as a support service provider agency. As a support service provider agency, M2 provides supports to adults with developmental disabilities (hereafter referred to as "Friends").

Is M2 A Program Or A Group Home?

  • Neither. As a support service provider agency, M2 provides support services based on the individual specific needs and interests of each Friend. The Friend, M2, and the brokerage case manager work together to develop a plan that determines what services the Friend will receive from M2. The family is important in the development of the plan and participates to support the Friend in determining the services needed.

What Support Services Are Provided By M2?

  • As a support service provider agency, M2 provides supports in the areas of:
    • Daily living supports that include but are not limited to support for: personal care, nutrition and meal preparation, budgeting and shopping, laundering and care of clothing, as well as health and safety.
    • Community and social recreational supports needed for activities that the adult with developmental disabilities would like to participate in within their community.
    • Job training and job coaching supports so that the Friend can be involved in meaningful work.

How Does M2 Provide Services?

  • M2 hires staff that works with the Friend and his/her family to do a person centered plan. This plan helps the Friend, his/her family, and M2 know the types of activities and services that the Friend will need support for. If the Friend chooses to hire M2, then the Friend becomes a client of M2. At that time, M2 will meet with the Friend, family, and the Brokerage case manager to write the services in the Friend’s individual support plan that may be provided by M2. Once the plan is completed, M2 can begin providing services as specified in the individual support plan.

How Are Services Provided By M2 Funded?

  • Services provided by M2 are funded by:
    • For Friends that are eligible and receiving brokerage funding, M2 is able to bill the brokerage for the services provided.
    • For Friends that are not eligible for brokerage funding, M2 works with the Friend and family to raise tax-deductible donations that are used to fund daily living and job coaches that support each Friend.

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